FTTH Consulting

The “Process & Decision-making” skills centre combines business expertise in telecoms with the decision-making and structural ecosystem of a telecommunications operator.

Process & Decision-making

Born of the need to streamline data management within the various information systems, its aim is to offer the most appropriate corrective action for improving data quality within IS structures and network reference systems.

The skills centre is based on data analysis and control, combining statistics, information technology and corporate strategy.

The Process and Decision-making team comprises individuals with skills covering the telecom profession, information technology and human resources.

Our services

We support key accounts seeking to industrialise and reduce their operating costs related to the exchange of telecom data between their various partners and employees.

We can support them from the very first step, from pinpointing the issue and identifying solutions for improvementand then monitor the integration of mechanisms and specification of services and processes to be implemented.

  • Functional quality diagnosis
  • Collection and consolidation of functional needs
  • Drafting of IS specifications
  • Monitoring of implementation and development of IS solutions
  • Tailoring of solutions for streamlined company operation
  • Implementation of operational service
  • Training

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